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Why Does The Big Arm Of The Excavator Lift Slowly?

Edit:Kyotechs Machinery Co.,LtdUpDate:Mar 21, 2018

Error Place (a): Stop and stall immediately

Some people would say that the engine "simmer", immediately stop the shutdown is not! This approach is wrong, because at that time the cylinder temperature is higher, piston, cylinder liner and other components are in the expansion, if immediately flameout, shutdown will cause some soft metal fall off, even the piston, piston ring and cylinder sleeve bonded together. The correct approach is to allow the engine idling, open the blinds to increase air flow, the water temperature in the cooling fan effect a little bit down.

Error handling (ii): Give the engine a cold shower immediately

Since it is a fault caused by high temperature, it is OK to give the engine a cold shower immediately? And that's not going to work either. When the engine "simmer", the body temperature is quite high, this time suddenly encountered the stimulation of cold water, will make the engine due to the body's temperature changes too fast and deformation, and may even appear cylinder, cylinder head and other parts of sudden cold contraction and burst, the consequences are very serious ah! So let's remember not to do that.

Error handling (iii): immediately unscrew the water tank cover

Encounter this "simmer" fault, some people will immediately turn open the water tank lid, which is also one of the wrong way. Because when the water radiator inside the water boil, the circulatory system will produce a lot of water vapor, the pressure inside the radiator is very high, if immediately turn open the water tank lid, will cause boiling, steam will be sprayed outside, it is easy to burn around people, so we must be careful!

Error Handling (iv): Add cold water directly to the radiator

Don't let the engine take a cold shower immediately, then add cold water to the radiator directly! Remember that this is absolutely impossible. Because of the water inside the coolant in the hot parts will produce a lot of steam, pressure suddenly rise, hot steam from the water radiator injection nozzle rapidly, and then scalded the face, disfigured can not be bad!