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Excavator Parts Hydraulic Pump And Diesel Engine Troubleshooting Methods!

Edit:Kyotechs Machinery Co.,LtdUpDate:Mar 21, 2018

Excavator PARTS HYDRAULIC Pump suction oil

1, the general weather under the fault is the original idea of digging machine and digging machine oil pump to the divergence caused by the rotation.

2, there is a digging machine in and out of the oil mouth will also appear excavator parts oil pump suction grease fault.

3, digging machine speed is too low, suction is insufficient, the hydraulic pump does not absorb oil.

4, there is also digging machine oil temperature is too low, oil viscosity is too high, suction is not oiled.

5, there are Carter excavator parts of the oil pump suction pipe obstruction.

Carter digging machine Hydraulic pump pressure can not be improved

1, excavator parts hydraulic pump flow is not enough or oil pump does not oil, maintenance method is in the oil pump filling work.

2, overflow valve pressure is too low.

3, digging machine hydraulic system pressure relief.

4, Excavator parts variable pump pressure adjustment is inappropriate, to the beginning of the adjustment.

Fault differentiation of lifting speed of Carter Excavator

1, the failure occurs, all types of speed are present. And this fault is only in the cold machine starting 10 minutes after the existence of 10 minutes after all normal.

2, after the failure, followed by the throttle changes, the phenomenon of the failure to respond to changes. And this failure phenomenon, can not follow the throttle changes.