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2017 Annual Construction Machinery Supporting Parts Industry Competitiveness Analysis Report Issued In Hunan

Edit:Kyotechs Machinery Co.,LtdUpDate:Mar 21, 2018

December 4, 2017, by the China Machinery Industry Federation, Hunan Province by the letter committee, Hunan Province Business Hall, Hunan province Ccpit and Changsha People's government jointly sponsored by the Open District Management committee in Changsha, "intelligent manufacturing, Internet +" as the theme of the 2017 Changsha Fair in Changsha International Convention and Exhibition Center Grand meeting, 2017 annual construction machinery supporting parts Industry Competitiveness Analysis Report was published.

It is understood that the report is based on the current Chinese construction machinery supporting parts industry, through the visit of engineering machinery supporting the industry's top ten industry lines (power systems, transmission systems, braking systems, steering systems, hydraulic seals, walking devices, frame and working devices, electrical devices, special accessories, engineering machinery Oil/other) Representative enterprises , to understand the current operating environment of construction machinery supporting parts industry, the problems encountered in the process of industry development, as well as the future development trend of the construction machinery supporting parts industry competitiveness of the comprehensive assessment. Through the network Questionnaire survey, understand the current operation status of construction machinery supporting parts enterprises, and make a comprehensive evaluation on the enterprise competitiveness of different industrial lines.

The report said that the construction machinery traditional market with the scale of investment in infrastructure construction will be accompanied by new urbanization, traffic infrastructure construction, "all the way" planning and implementation, "China made 2025" and so on, the traditional construction machinery market power is worth looking forward to. After the market service industry is known as a trade gold industry, will be the construction machinery industry new economic growth point, is expected in the "Thirteen-Five" period of the industry average service income accounted for the proportion of total income to 30-40%, and the report is expected to 2020 China's construction machinery market demand will reach 700 billion yuan.