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Sumitomo Excavator Fault Code Encyclopedia

Edit:Kyotechs Machinery Co.,LtdUpDate:Mar 21, 2018

Excavator Parts Small series for everyone to tidy up Sumitomo Excavator Fault code, I hope to help!

Sumitomo Excavator

7000-p1--Pressure Transducer

7205--rel Pump Stop

7601--Monitor Communication

7001--p2--Pressure Transducer

7206---standby circuit return valve

7602---ECM communications

7002--n1--Pressure Transducer

7207--Rotary brake Lift solenoid valve

7603--Controller B Communication

7003n2--Pressure Transducer

7208--fan Reverse solenoid valve


7004--Overload pressure Sensor

7209--air conditioning water temperature signal output


7005--Bottom Pressure sensor

Sumitomo Excavator Accessories Instrument panel


0087---No pump pressure

7006--Pressure connecting rod sensor

7211--slewing signal and bucket stop

0088--Common rail pressure anomaly

7020--Upper Pressure sensor

7212--Safety Lock Solenoid valve

0089-High Pressure pump

7021---rotary pressure transducer

7240---Pump output power proportional valve

0090---SCV drive system

7022--Walking pressure sensor

7241--Pump Flow Proportional valve

0107--Atmospheric pressure transducer (voltage bottom)

7023--Small arm Pressure transducer

7242----Fan Proportional valve

0108--Atmospheric pressure sensor (high voltage)

7040--Fuel Oil level sensor

7243---large arm proportional valve

0112--pressure forward air temperature anomaly (voltage bottom)

7041---oil temperature sensor

7244---small arm proportional valve

0113---Pressurized forward air temperature anomaly (high voltage)

7045--Monitor Thermal resistor

7245--Deviation Proportional Valve

0117.0118--water temperature is too low or high

7060---large arm angle sensor

7400.7402.7403 Water temperature