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Replacement skills of five kinds of filter elements for excavator parts

Edit:Kyotechs Machinery Co.,LtdUpDate:Mar 21, 2018

The replacement step of the air filter for excavator parts:

Excavator Parts air filter

1, remove the dirty air filter, install a clean air filter. And put the arrow up, lock the buckle and install the cover.

2, the air filter needs to be replaced every 1000 hours,

The replacement should also pay attention to two points:

⑴, excavator parts dirty cleaning needs to be cleaned up, cleaning up six times must be replaced, empty can not be swept.

⑵, internal and external air filtration needs to be replaced at the same time.

Second, the replacement step of the excavator parts diesel filter

Excavator Parts Diesel Filter

1, first, sweep around the filter, remove the installation surface of dirt and foreign bodies.

2, put into the container, close the circuit switch, loosen the drain cyclone plug for drainage. And then use the excavator parts filter wrench demolition, and finally tighten the new diesel filter, fastening without the use of tools, with a tight solid can. It should also be noted that the O-ring must be replaced at the same time.

Iii. replacement steps of oil filter and oil for excavator parts

Excavator Parts Oil Filter

1, put the oil container, remove the bottom cover oil.

2, the use of excavator parts filter Wrench removal Filter, the new filter oil to replace.

3, turn off the oil switch, open the oil cover and pour the pure oil.

4, pull out vernier caliper, check oil level.

Need to pay attention to two points when replacing

⑴, the new oil filter does not need to pour oil, but to apply a thin layer of oil on it.

⑵, add oil before the switch must be closed.

Iv. replacement steps of hydraulic oil filter for excavator parts

Excavator Parts Return oil filter

1. Press and hold the exhaust valve to know that no gas is discharged.

2, screw out the cover screws, remove the filter, replace the new breathing filter.

3, open the top cover to remove the oil filter, replace the new excavator parts O-ring.

4, the installation of new filter is completed.