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New generation of Carter hydraulic excavator fully landed in China market

Edit:Kyotechs Machinery Co.,LtdUpDate:Mar 21, 2018

At the beginning of 2018, a new generation of Carter hydraulic excavator officially landed in the Chinese market, began a comprehensive sale, opened the Chinese construction machinery industry into a new chapter of intelligent construction.

Based on increasing customer demand for productivity and cost control, a new generation of cat® excavator integration of a number of scientific and technological innovation design, in the overall appearance, intelligent technology applications, cab design and other aspects of subversive creativity, compared with the previous generation of models to achieve higher operating efficiency, lower fuel consumption and maintenance costs, And bring a more comfortable and personalized operation experience.

Three new models to meet different customer needs

The new generation of 20-ton cat® excavator has three models--320 GC, 320, 323, different configuration to meet different customer needs:

The new Generation cat®320 GC is specially designed for medium and light load working conditions, more reliable and durable, lower fuel consumption, lower unit hour cost;

The new generation of cat®320 standard intelligent technology function, capable of moderate load to heavy load of a variety of operating conditions, to help customers pursue the lowest cost of construction site.

The new generation of cat®323, with excellent speed, efficiency, strong power and lifting capacity, suitable for harsh conditions, to help customers achieve maximum production and profitability.

With the wisdom of peer, construction efficiency up to 45%

The new generation cat®320 and 323 standard factory integrated Cat intelligent technology function, is the next generation cat® excavator's biggest bright spot. Including the 2D slope control system, intelligence system, as well as the new auxiliary operating system, intelligent weighing system, and electronic wall function. Combined with the application of these intelligent technology functions, can achieve construction efficiency for customers up to 45%.

More than efficiency, intelligent technology can help the operator easier, safer and easier to do the work. Through the 2D slope control system, the operator can understand the position of the bucket from the display of the cab in real time, according to the system prompt operation, it can realize the slope operation target quickly and accurately, and help guide the leveling operation, including: depth, slope, flat distance and other construction indexes. The auxiliary operation function further enables the excavator to have the semi-automatic operation ability, the operation hand uses a handle to complete the past to need two handles the movement.

The new electronic fence feature automatically limits the machine's safe working boundaries, through the installation of electronic roof, electronic floor, front wall and side wall, the safety of the construction site is further improved, especially in the vicinity of the building or near the traffic road, to prevent the excavator from touching the obstacles; the intelligent weighing can weigh when it turns, and help to achieve the precise loading target. Increase the load efficiency, prevent overloading or lack of load.