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Have your excavator parts been maintained?

Edit:Kyotechs Machinery Co.,LtdUpDate:Mar 21, 2018

How to Maintain

1, the oil and water separator in the discharge of moisture.

2, release the engine antifreeze, the replacement of new oil, in addition to the need to fill diesel, to avoid excavator parts diesel box inside the wall rust.

3, the excavator parts lubrication.

4, clean up the dirt on the machine.

How to Properly park

1. Install Door lock Burglar

When the excavator is parked outdoors, it must check and empty the valuable items in the excavator, and then add a few of their own locks to prevent the stolen items from being lost.

2, excavator parts Storage battery

Battery in the cold environment is easy to lose electricity, if conditions permit should be removed battery placed indoors.

Note: When the battery is removed, first break the negative line, then break the positive line, the installation must first connect the positive line, and then connect the negative line. This can prevent the disassembly of the battery when the short circuit.

3, the choice of solid flat ground parking, the track should be mat before and after the wood, as far as possible to avoid damp, salt, many dust and other harsh environment. Excavator parts of the large arm, small arms, digging bucket piston rod All back, the oil cylinder in a large cavity state. After the recovery can find a few block poncho cover the exposed cylinder.

4. Air conditioning and engine maintenance

Run air-conditioning once a month, the cab heating up, so that refrigerant in the air-conditioning system cycle for a week, so that the air conditioning system seals to maintain a certain thickness of the oil film to prevent leakage of refrigerant.

Start the engine once a month, so that the movement of the excavator parts surface can be attached to a layer of new oil film, to prevent rust or dry grinding damage.