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Do you have any of these four kinds of wrong actions?

Edit:Kyotechs Machinery Co.,LtdUpDate:Mar 21, 2018

Digging friends to operate the wrong operation can lead to more wear and tear of excavator parts, serious impact on the service life of excavators. Develop good operating habits not only for the various parts of the benefits, but also improve efficiency. Here are some of the wrong ways to operate, hoping to attract attention.

1, moving large objects need to be cautious

Finally, a common misoperation. Often this happens, there are large stones and other obstacles need to be removed, the excavator driver for the convenience of direct use of excavator walking traction to move large obstacles. As we all know, the role of the force is mutual, excavator parts such as pins, racks, digging, etc. will produce a greater force on the above, in order to affect the service life of these components.

Large objects damage Excavator parts Large objects Damage excavator parts

2. Uneven track Stress

This kind of operation is simple, that is, digging machine in high place to be located in the bucket operation, sometimes lead to the back of the crawler floating up. In this case, the total force of the pressure and the weight of the body is almost always used for the edge of the pin shaft of the excavator fittings and the digging bucket. Therefore, it is very easy to cause the working device to crack. If it leads to track whereabouts, but also to the counterweight of the rear of the digging machine has a greater impact, it is likely to cause the main frame deformation, slewing bearing ring damage and so on.

3, hydraulic excavator parts often operate to the maximum travel

This misoperation behavior, excavator parts of the hydraulic cylinder telescopic to the limit position when the operation. In this case, the work of the cylinder, rack load larger, bucket teeth impact and the impact of each axle pin will cause damage to the internal cylinder, in addition, it will affect the normal use of other hydraulic components.

4. Unbalance of center of gravity of excavator

When the ground surface is uneven and the digging machine is not stationary, the pilot starts work. This behavior may feel that the driver is nothing, but this work will result in the digging machine racks and other parts of the gradual distortion. If in this situation for a long time to repeatedly work, excavator parts of the rack is likely to produce cracks, reduce service life. If this happens, what should be handled? In the working condition is not very good terrain structure starts, may in the digging machine's track to heap out a mound, thus causes the excavator to be in the steady state, thus may carry on the normal operation.