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Annual report to advance the construction machinery market optimistic

Edit:Kyotechs Machinery Co.,LtdUpDate:Mar 21, 2018

2017 annual earnings of construction machinery enterprises were announced recently, the overall performance of the industry is now a significant growth trend. From the beginning of 2018, the sales of various companies have won a flying start. Major projects have started to bring sales peak for the industry, the next two years is expected to enter the investment peak, construction machinery 2018 potential period.

Xu Machinery Annual report is more than 1 billion yuan

Xu Machinery January 30 evening issued a notice, is expected to achieve 2017 attributable to the listed company's shareholders net profit of 1 billion ~105000 million, a year earlier profit of 208.5832 million yuan. In the recovery of the industry growth, the company seize the opportunity, domestic and foreign markets full force, the traditional industry and emerging sectors across the board growth. During the reporting period, the Company's operating income increased significantly from the same period a year earlier, while net profit grew by a large margin.

LiuGong Annual Report 519%~569%

LiuGong January 25 Evening announcement, is expected to achieve 2017 ~32963 of the listed company's shareholders net profit of 305 million yuan, higher than a year earlier 519%~569%. During the reporting period, the demand for construction machinery industry was larger than that of the same period last year, the company's main product line sales were higher than the industry growth rate, operating income increased substantially, and cost was effectively controlled.

31 Annual report of heavy industry increases nine times times

31 Heavy Industry January 30 evening issued a notice, is expected to be 2017 to achieve the ownership of the listed company's shareholders net profit of 2.03 billion ~211000 million, compared with the same period of 1.827 billion ~190700 million, an increase of 898%~937%. Under the influence of macro-economy, downstream demand and equipment renewal demand, the construction machinery industry grew strongly and the overall profitability of the industry increased greatly. The company's core competitiveness further enhanced, the company's mining machinery, concrete machinery, lifting machinery and other equipment sales revenue are significantly higher than the previous year.

Caterpillar releases 2017 earnings

Caterpillar reported its earnings in Thursday, with sales of $45.5 billion trillion for the year 2017, up about 18% per cent from 2016 's $38.5 billion trillion.

2017 of the annual profit of 1.26 U.S. dollars per share, and 2016 annual loss of 0.11 U.S. dollars. 2018, the company expected earnings per share between 7.75~8.75 dollars. If it does not include a restructuring cost of about 400 million dollars, the adjusted profit per share is expected to be within the 8.25~9.25 dollar range.